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  • Interview with JJ Brown, Director of the Office of Student Involvement
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  • In the Spotlight: House Call Program
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An interview with JJ Brown, Director of the Office of Student Involvement, on what to look forward to throughout Family Weekend 2018.
We are all excited that Family Weekend is just a week away! Can you tell us a little about the weekend?

Family Weekend will take place on September 21-23. This is a great opportunity for family and friends to visit the campus and to learn about the Villanova Community.

For most of our readers, this will be their first Villanova Family Weekend.  And, for many, it will be the first time they have seen their son or daughter since they said goodbye at New Student Orientation.  Can you tell us a little bit of what to expect?

The first thing to say is: be ready for anything!  There are as many different experiences as there are students.  Some families will be amazed by the changes and growth they have seen even in a few weeks.  Many of our resident freshman are already saying “I’m going home now” when they mean that they are returning to their residence hall.  Some already have a dozen new best friends, have joined some activities, have successfully navigated the first few weeks of classes, and are slowing discovering more about themselves.  At the same time, some of the students are still finding their way, and may be struggling with not having made the kind of social connections they were hoping for in the first few weeks.  Your son or daughter may be feeling homesick, overwhelmed by their courses, or still trying to figure out their relationship with a roommate.  The only advice I can give you is that it is all fairly normal right now.  So be prepared to expect a lot of changes in any direction over the next few weeks!

Is there a lot happening on campus for families and students throughout Family Weekend?

I think our visitors will have a great time.  One of the things we try to do on this weekend is to showcase our students' talents.  From athletic events to the Family Weekend Information Sessions to the Music Activities Showcase to the Family Festival taking place on Saturday, you will see that the Villanova community has a wealth of talent among its faculty, staff and most importantly, its students. 

What events would you recommend to families of new students?

The weekend is designed so family members can pick and choose from a variety of receptions, lectures, and events. The Information Sessions offer a number of workshops where family members can meet campus administrators and faculty members to learn about relevant issues that face Villanova students. Topics include: options to study abroad, connecting with the Career Center, and information about living on and off campus and a chance to experience a Villanova class! Don’t forget to check out the Family Festival taking place at the Riley Ellipse on Saturday, September 22 at 3:00pm. We recommend you purchase your tickets to the Family Festival in advance through Villanovatix. Please check out the website for more details on these programs.

Who can attend Family Weekend?

We invite all family members (aunts, uncles, grandparents and siblings) to participate in the weekend.

What types of events are going on that you think other family members would be interested in attending?

On Friday night, we will be hosting Nova Nights - Family Style!  We’ve decided to tailor this night’s entertainment to the whole family with free admission! We will show an outdoor movie on South and Main Campuses (weather permitting!), there will be an A Capella Showcase and invite you to attend a dessert reception in the Connelly Center.

On Saturday evening, the day will wrap up with Bucknell vs. Villanova in the Villanova stadium. Before the game will be the Family Festival taking place at the Riley Ellipse from 3pm - until kickoff for the Villanova Football game.  The Family Festival will feature food, beer, wine, giveaways, and carnival entertainment. We recommended purchasing tickets in advance through, as there will be a limited number of tickets available at the door. Ticket options will be $15 per person for food and $30 for 2 beer or wine tickets and food. Kids under 12 are free.

That sounds great. How do I get tickets for the Football game?

Football Tickets are available for purchase by visiting and clicking on the “Buy Tickets” link. As a reminder, student tickets are free with their wildcard.

Do you have any words of wisdom for our families of first year students?

My best advice would be to try to experience as much of Villanova as you can, and to let your son or daughter show you the things that have become important to him or her. Also, remember to save a little time to just simply be with your son or daughter. They are still very much in a time of transition and it will be important for you to gauge their needs over the course of the weekend. Most importantly, just have fun and enjoy your time together!

It sounds like the weekend is full of great events. How can I access the full schedule?

And, I only mentioned a few above. You can check out full schedule by downloading the Family Weekend Guide Book through Nova Guides to see all of the other things going on throughout the weekend. Some events require registration, so please don't miss out and register now! If you haven't received the brochure in the mail, call our office at 610.519.4211 for more information.  

For an up-to-date schedule, including alternate severe weather plans, please download our free app, Villanova University Guides.  This is the same app that you may have already downloaded during Orientation. If you already have the app, simply open it on your phone and select the Family Weekend 2018 guide which is now available. Instructions on how to download the app are listed below.

1. Go the App Store
2. Search "Villanova University Guides"
3. Download and Enjoy!

House Call - Connecting the Campus One Student at a Time is taking place on Monday, September 17, 2018 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. This is our 16th year conducting this program where teams of faculty and staff visit the residence hall room of every first-year student.  Our goal is to connect with students in person and see how things are going a few weeks into the semester. Sponsored by the Division of Student Life and coordinated by the Dean of Students Office, this program is specifically designed to reach out to first-year students and to reinforce the sense of Villanova as a caring and welcoming community.

House Call for Commuting Students will be held on Friday, September 21, 2018 from 12:00-1:00 pm in the Devon Room of the Connelly Center. Commuting students are invited to share their experiences with faculty and staff while enjoying lunch together.




September 18: 1842 DAY

September 21-23: FAMILY WEEKEND


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